Welcome to Blissful Betty!

From Yoga Betty to Blissful Betty, thank you for following me!

It’s a long story, but this is the new home for Betty’s whether you be a mom, a yogi, or just someone who loves to read blogs. I hope to share lots of stories, some yoga fun stuff, and there will be more than a few baby/kiddo related posts. Don’t you fret though, the Betty is back and ready to share what I can about finding that sweet space of balanced bliss.

I’ll share a few of the posts from Yoga a Betty, but starting tomorrow (January 1st) this is the place to find me. I’ll be working on posting regularly (hopefully that means once a week), sharing self care tips, and some fun poses along the way.

So on that note, again Welcome!

Here are a few goals/intentions that I am working towards for 2014, I hope you share some too!

1) publish at least two articles in a physical magazine;
2) have one day a week offline, to be present for bug, but also for myself;
3) read at least one book a month (yea, this is part of my 35 for 35!);
4) get on my continuing education, it’s important to be up to date and stay relevant with what’s happening;
5) visit some yoga friends! Y’all know you need some Lizzie-loo hugs

These are just for my new year, I know there are still goals for my 35 that I’ve gotta work on too. 2014 is going to be fabulous, another best year yet!


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