New Day, New Year

The dogs are being walked, the Bug is asleep (5am is early to start the new year!), and I am getting ready to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Today is my first day of a sugar detox, I’m pretty sure this week is going to be rough. My goal is 21 day, but if I can get to 7 days no sugar I’ll be happy. Of course, it’s not just no sugar. It’s no processed foods, no bread, no dairy, no fruit. Meaning no more eating Aiden snacks, no more just grabbing a yogurt and letting it be lunch. Mindful eating and cleansing my body of sugar, I’ll also be working on my practice. I’ll be breathing, meditating, and do at least 15 minutes of asana every day. I will be cranky, but in the long run I’ll be hopefully less likely to want sugar, all day every day 😉

How are you starting your year?


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