Same thing, but new

The thing I love most about New Year is that it is both new and exciting, but also kinda of the same thing. I know, right!?!?

Yes it’s a new year, but that doesn’t mean the laundry washes itself, meals are cooked, or our “jobs” no longer need tending. This Bliss of creating new habits, new rituals, or maybe something more collides directly with reality of life. Have you noticed that yet? Have you noticed that the dishes still need to be washed and that time doesn’t stand still? Sorry to be so harsh on the second day of the new year, but them’s the breaks 😉

There are a few habits I’m trying to break (sugar for one!) and a couple I’m trying to pick back up, but balance of time is still a work in progress. Early wake, nap time, or after bed seem to still be the best for meditating and yoga, along with house cleaning, reading, and keep my relationship with myself and the man burning. So for me and all my big dreams, little steps each day are the best!

Five minutes of meditation here, 15 of yoga there, and then cleaning up hurricane Aide 🙂 Reading and a bubble bath kill two proverbial birds with one stone and then reading my anatomy lesson to Bug helps keep me up to date in the yoga world (thank you Richelle for being my yoga mentor and continual education sunshine!). Baby steps!

This year is going to hold big things for me. Not just some sweet “mission accomplished” yoga goals, but also the second year of life for the boy (and let me tell you, he is a great being present inspiration as well as a good climber!) so you know big things are at play. For now, I’m working on getting back to all that self care love I need and primping for a sweet photo shoot I’ll be doing this weekend! 2014, let’s ROCK!


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