I resolve…. To meditate!

As we enter into the first full week of the year, how are you doing?

All in all, I’m feeling good! Two of many goals/resolutions for this year are meditating up to 6 times a week and seeing the sunrise or sunset daily. These are mindfulness activities, things that will help remain me each day is new (even with the daily grind) plus take time for stillness. If either of these things feel inspiring here are some tools to help out!

  • I use InSight timer app, but you can use a kitchen timer, alarm clock, or the timer on your phone. It doesn’t matter how you time it {or how long you sit still for}, just that you do it!
  • Don’t have a timer handy? Use your breath! Here is a great mudra to use to help you count your breath,  one round is about 90 seconds give or take {depending on how slow/deep you breathe}, http://mudras-simpledailyuse.faernworks.com/mudra-notes-counting/
  • If you want to watch a sunrise or sunset, be honest about when you are liking to be awake and when you can get outside. There are plenty of phone apps to give you the sunrise and sunset, you can also watch the weather on your local tv station or look it up online. As we get closer to spring, the sunset slowly gets later each day. Sunrise will slowly get earlier. It’s a great way to start the day and reconnect with the world around you!

How are you connecting to the world around you and within you these days? What new “habits” are you creating?


Also, so, there will be new photos for this fabulous news blog coming soon! I braved the windy chilly day yesterday and hopefully got sone good ones 🙂

happy Monday!


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