The world is your yoga playground!

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to play while a photographer friend (using a very fancy Red Camera) caught me in some of my more graceful (and a LOT of non-graceful) moments. The indoor photos are for “work” (and won’t be shared because they are going to be used for other things in the future), but the outdoor shots were a blast to do. It is always amusing how people respond to a “random” person doing yoga on the street, even better this was a day with some high winds.

All in all, these photos are an expression of what I love, but in no way are they meant to be gauges for your own practice. There are no inversions and hardly any arm balances (neither are my strength and in the wind, nearly impossible for me), but these poses are a few I adore.  Enjoy the art work and love of it, but as always no comparison 😉

Farmer's market bind
Farmer’s market bind
diva pose
“Oh Rhett!” Sometimes yoga makes me feel like Scarlett O’Hara

Camel_First Flying Pigeon Half Moon mermaid pyramid Reverse Warrior Rockstar Warrior2













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