Small Stuff

I’m realizing more and more that the beauty if every day is often found in the small things, the simple things. Bugs laugh, a good adjustment in a yoga class, or getting in that 5-minute meditation without glancing at the clock once. It is the simple things, the small things that make up a wonderful day, a nice gesture or the sun shining on our skin mid-January are brightening up my day today. These small things or sweet moments are what we should focus on instead of the “nots”, “didn’ts”, or “can’ts” that we so often what our minds dwell on.

It’s the small things for me, getting in a little vinyasa flow (plank, chatarunga, up-dawg, and down-dawg), finally being able to rock a pose I’ve worked hard towards, or a cold Topo Chico. These small things are what add up to the big things, they are the baby steps, the movement towards bigger. That’s why they count, that is why they should be savored or enjoyed.

This is where I find my bliss, sunlight on my face and doing a up-dawg in my front yard while Bug waters the plants (yup, he’s getting big enough to do ‘chores’). It really is these moments that create some of the sweetest memories I have collected over the last year.

Where was your bliss today?



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