Quiet Time

it’s quiet here, or as quiet as it can be with two dogs chewing on raw hide, a baby napping with the noise machine on loud, and a tree trimmer in the front yard πŸ˜‰

To the Moon.. And I give thanks for the flight ;)
To the Moon.. And I give thanks for the flight πŸ˜‰

nonetheless, it’s time for me to sit quietly, breathe, and give thanks! Last night, one of my favorite students whom I often chat with after class (she takes down the alter and asks any questions that come across her mind), thanked me for encouraging her to give thanks and show gratitude! I only vaguely remember giving this advice, sleep deprivation can do that to a gal πŸ˜‰ This practice (of saying thank you, giving a gratitude prayer) of being thankful is so important. I know from experience, that if you are thankful for what you already have, it makes the next steps of what you need/want easier. Plus, it makes you happier if you recognize what you have, what is going well, and who is in your life.

Today, I am thankful for you dear readers! I’m thankful for nap time, great momma friends and yoga friends, sunny days, coffee, and my guy. There is so much more, but right now, it is time for me to sit, quietly and breathe. What are you grateful for today? How can you honor yourself today? And how can you take care of yourself?


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