Bring me your broken and tired

Any one who knows me (or read the ol’ yoga Betty blog),  knows that I used to be all about the flow! I taught it, did it, lived it. In some ways, I still do, but now it’s all about the restore. This week I begin to teach restorative 3 days a week and I couldn’t be happier or more excited to do so.

Sure, I still love the movement of a good hatha flow or vinyasa based class and I adore my mommas to be/post-natal heavy on the squats, adore your body, goddess pose for 5 minutes classes. But Tuesday nights have been my love for a while now and I’m not embarrassed to say I’m a convert.  The joy I get from teaching restorative is indescribable, for there really is never a time when you can’t come to class. Bring me your sick, tired, injured, lost, and lonely, because restorative is all about filling up the ‘cup’ and being in the here and now.  So even if your “all in your head”, I get to help bring you back into your body and it has been the best part of my week for months!


Even better, I love that they have enjoyed starting a mini meditation practice or that I offer up mudras in said meditation. So what if it’s 3 minutes, to someone who has a hard time hanging out in child’s pose for 10, a quick meditation before a long savasana is great. I feel like a proud momma, because I am! Where I help my students, they also help me. For 75-minutes, I’m not climbed on, grabbed at, or needed for anything other than my soft cues, gentle adjustments, or my ability to just be silent and let the magic happen. Each time I set the alter for class, I thank whomever choses to walk through the door for the gift they unknowingly give to me.

I love Tuesday nights…. And now I will love Thursday nights as well.




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