Too little time, soooo much to do!


Live been caught up in momma land, so much has happened and I’ve had a million blog posts written (in my head!). Alas, I haven’t had a chance to write or record a sequence or even finish THREE started recipes over on the The Yoga Recipe. It seems that time isn’t on my side.  Maybe it is and I just haven’t realized it. Baby (or I should say toddler) Guru keeps me present, keeps me chasing him, and we’ve actually been practicing together! His down-dog is looking good and my plank/wrists have been getting stronger and better 🙂

For today, I’m going to “catch up” and collect my ideas, so that I can post something of substance 🙂 balance, apparently this is my lesson right now. How to balance my time, take care of me, and  be present for Bug. Oh and extend my five minutes of meditation, I think it’s time!

What are you doing today that keeps you balanced?




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