Viola, spring has almost sprung!

The bulbs are getting ready to bloom!
The bulbs are getting ready to bloom!

Ok, I may be jumping the gun for some of you, but here in Austin (at least today) it feels like the worst of winter is behind us. Perhaps it is just my wishful thinking since this has been one of the coldest winters I have yet to experience here! All this winter “down” time has let me ponder what it is I want to bring you here on this blog. I’ve been having fun baking goodies for Bug and his friends (although truthfully, everything I’ve made has come from another blog) and I’ve been working on my home practice (it’s been months!!!!! since I’ve actually been to a studio to practice and not teach). Mostly, I’ve been trying to keep the wee one entertained indoors sine the weather has been yuck. Downward dogs make great jungle gyms, but only for so long. I’ve taken up meditation daily, even if it is in the form of baking, moving meditation is lovely. Oh and I some how have injured my right shoulder, perhaps all the baby boy flinging up or just the way I’ve been sleeping, who knows! Now that we’ve caught up, I’d like to know how your winter has been? We are just over two weeks away from spring and I can already feel a lightness to my being and the urge to juice more (sorry, I’m one of those people who can’t drink smoothies or juice when it’s cold. My body needs warm foods in winter).

I'm ready, bring it on!
I’m ready, bring it on!

Back to my idea for this blog… More yoga, I’d like to do some videos for mommas and people who don’t “have time for yoga”. More food share, although they come from other blogs, I’m happy to share links. And more fun photos of where I find bliss, because every day I am reminded that bliss can be found in a cup of coffee with a friend to the sweet feeling of cat/cow first thing in the morning, but it is in these little things that the biggest delight can be held. I hope you are having a beautiful day! xo Liz


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