Every Day Practice

I often feel like I can’t do everything and my practice could be THE thing I cut out to make more time for doing “it all”. But I don’t.
In fact, I practice every damn day 😉 baby boy even helps unroll the mat every morning (especially the days he wakes at 4:30am). Whether you’re a momma or just busy, it’s important to take time to focus, not just on yourself, but bringing your body, mind, and heart in sync. This is what I’ve been working on lately. It varies slightly each day, but it is always about breath and movement. My focus is about finding my strength that I feel I have lost since being pregnant. Core strength, arm strength, heart strength. These are what I need more than anything right now.

what do you need? What are you practicing for?

every day yoga from Lizzie-Loo on Vimeo.


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