Monday, Monday

in my last post, I shared my desire to figure out what I wanted to share through this blog. For me, it’s hard to separate personal life and practice, mostly because yoga to me is in everything! Changing diaper, making breakfast, or chanting “ahhhhhh” at 4:30am when baby boy is ready to go! (Ahhhhhh is our OM these days, just a little FYI)

So after some serious thought, chatting it up with the man, and a little meditation on the idea of expanding on what I love, I have come to the conclusion to this:

YES, this will be a yoga blog! Videos, photos, my practice and some home practice ideas.

YES, there will be Bug photos (at least until he turns two, then we’ll see), personal stories about my experiences, and i’m thinking about food stuff, self care stuff, and hopefully some more homemade stuff (dresses, pasta, blankets, who knows!!)

I’m hoping to write every day, except Sundays, but I’m human. I also have that sweet little nugget to chase 85% of my day, so these will be times I may not find the time.

Now that we got THAT out of the way 🙂

This weekend, I played more with making almond milk and almond meal.

Separating almond meal and milk, fun!

2 cups blanched almonds, 3 cups water, plus a little honey.

There are plenty of recipes online and the basic idea is the same, soak the almonds and purée them. Separate the meal and liquid, BAM almond milk! I like mine a little thicker and creamier than the average store bought milk. And of course a little bit sweetened. Have you made some?

Even little man liked sipping on the fresh almond milk!

I seriously love this stuff, I’m making more now 🙂

Happy Monday, I hope it’s a good one


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