Why Bliss?

Some of you may have read my previous blog, Yoga Betty (no longer mine and no longer up), back when I had time to post, video, and life was all about yoga. I was working on finding my voice, finding where I fit in the yoga community, and discovering myself. The discovering myself part hasn’t stopped, nor do I think it ever will 🙂

Sure, I still LOVE yoga and frankly, it is a part of me like air in my lungs. It’s just that whole asana thing, I no longer have the time to practice AND make fancy videos AND do every thing else. Time is precious, but I still have the love of writing, sharing, and story telling to fulfill. That’s what this is for me, Blissful Betty’s about sharing yoga, how it fits into this mommas life, but also where bliss can be found other places. Yoga has those 8-limbs, one of which is samadhi, bliss or ecstasy. My bliss is found in the kitchen baking, rolling on the floor with Bug laughing, chatting over coffee with friends, and being outside in nature.

The reason this is important and not just some fluff piece?

Beauty amongst the mess!
Beauty amongst the mess!

Lots of new moms experience bouts of postpartum depression, it’s kinda hard not to experience some level of it. As a mom, I felt (and lots of times still feel) pressure to be “perfect” and to be able to do it all. Now who the hell judges perfection, I have not a clue, but I can tell you that there is a lot of pressure on moms to keep the house up, make sure dinner is on the table (if that was what you did before baby came along), and to be able to do all that you did before baby was born AS WELL as do everything you need to do now that baby is here (work if you so choose, manage the home and the family if you so choose).

That make believe pressure exists within me and while my house is a smattering of dog hair, baby toys, yoga mats, and well currently dustings of flour, I still sit here and type instead of cleaning up. Bliss is the reason. I may not be the tidiest of people (my organization skills are lacking some finesse), but when push comes to shove and at the end of the day, it all gets put away/cleaned up. I spend my time wisely, knowing that I need to take care of me first when I am able to, so that when I am in mom mode I can be present and not distracted with Bug. Bliss is what keeps me sane. Seeing the blissful things in life (and not just for me, but what lights up Bug) has kept any fears of not stacking up to “perfect” at bay, that’s why I chose bliss.

What is blissful to you today?

Ps, don’t worry I’ve saved some oft he best posts from yoga Betty to reshape here, for those days I just can’t make the creative juices flow 😉
Pps, I’m far from perfect, whether it be person, woman, mom, yogi, or blogger. It’s the human side of me that keeps things interesting after all. For anyone who may feel like they are experiencing more than just the baby blues, reach out. Ask for help. For me, just having a reason to see things in the sunlight is enough, but if that’s not working for you, tell someone. Please.


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