Early morning rising…

Because Bug’s wake up time varies, it is rare for me to be awake and not starting the day off with a BANG!

Sleepy Bug
Sleepy Bug

This morning is the first full day solo parenting, the man is in Spain for work, but this time around I have help! My mom arrived just a couples hours after we dropped the man at the airport, thank guru for her (I get to teach and not worry about babysitters! Heck I may even get my booty into the yoga studio for a class instead of just home practice). I’ve been up for a while (6:15am to be exact, when I brought baby boy in to snuggle), Bug fell back to sleep and I… Well, I did bed yoga. Pillows make great bolsters and support when needed. I little supported camel pose, some twists, and reclined bound angle shook off the sleepiness for me. I love that this is how my day is starting!


It’s amazing how starting the morning slowly, at my own leisure feels so good vs. the shotgun start of when Bug is trying to escape the crib and my half awake (ok, 15% awake) has to quickly catch up and adjust. I’m not normally an early riser. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching the sunrise and having time to myself to meditate, sip coffee, or shower, it’s just that I’m not going to get up earlier than Bug. I just can’t get up every day at 5:30am. Life would be easier if I could, I know that. I wouldn’t have to fit in as much as possible during nap time, I could meditate for more than 5 minutes, practice without Mr playing guru and crawling on my back during up-dog and pulling my shoulders down, or wait ’til he’s asleep to shower or take a bath. YET, here I am snuggled next to him. I haven’t jumped out of bed and hurried to get a start on my practice. My practice has met me where I am at, as it usually does.

Now to train the dogs to make coffee 😉


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