Ahh, yoga

What a beautiful day!

After, oh I don’t know 6 months, I got my booty into a yoga class. While I may not feel yoga strong, I proved to myself that I most definitely AM! I rocked most of the vinyasa, even keeping my chatarunga tight and drawn together. I credit my intention, “to be bad ass!”

Today, I was reminded exactly why I love yoga. All these months I have enjoyed my home practice, keeping my sun salutes going with Bug and lots of forearm planks to find my core. It is truly a sign of how awesome this amazing practice called yoga. I can practice any where, any time, for who ever long I like. When I feel like it (okay, to be honest, when I have the time and feel ok with leaving the family), I head off to a class. The joy of taking a class is getting the challenge of poses I don’t always do at home, plus the sweet flow of energy and pure love that comes from being in the flow. My energy had been restored, my view of life has been lightened, and my patience with Bug is renewed.

Isn’t this why we practice?

So much of our energy is handed out freely to every person we encounter, so much of ourselves we give to our jobs, our family, and what little we have left for ourselves we often spend on Facebook or Pinterest or watching cats do yoga (guilty!) instead of something we really could use. Practice, practice is what makes us shiny and whole and enjoy all that we can in life.

My bliss today, doing headstand. And pigeon (no fold over here, working on reaching overhead for my foot), but mostly how good it felt to flow and keep going. That is pure bliss to me.



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