It’s 7am and Bug is sleeping next to me, we are midway through the second week of having my mom here with us and well the spring cleaning has been done. My house is cleaner, although dog hair and blocks seem to always be on the floor at days end. I’ve gone to yoga classes this week which I haven’t done in 6 months and I cried in yesterday’s class.

I’m not embarrassed about crying in class, in fact I think that’s a sign that I am comfortable with the teacher and those around me thatI can let go of fears and sadness inside me. I have no idea why I cried, I just know that NOW I feel lighter, stronger, and more capable to love. Heart openers will do that to ya 😉 when was the last time you had a good cry?

In practice, crying can just be a release, a way of letting emotion or tension to leave the body. Sure sometimes you know exactly what crap you are letting go of, other times you just know you’ve got to get it out. Our bodies are so amazing! We store some much on a cellular level, that it is important to cry, sweat, and release tension so you can function better In your daily life. Good old cleansing salt water!

For now, I’ll get back to cleaning my house, sewing a fun summer dress (photos to come), watching Bug play with his Mimi, and getting back to my home practice. After all, yoga can be done anywhere and I enjoy the fact I can be in my PJ’s and down-dog away or meditate 🙂


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