Yoga Momma checking herself

Sometimes you have to check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. I’m going to warn you, this is going to be a lot about pregnancy and my body. Although, honestly, you could change pregnancy for any thing that affects your body and creates some kind of before/after scenario. You have been warned 😉 It’s often said that parents don’t remember what life was like before they had children, I fully agree with this statement. My life is filled with a type of love I had never dreamed of and Bugs laugh can make me smile on even the worst of days. Watching him grow and getting to spend my days with him is a gift of no measurable wealth. I look forward to seeing him grow into a little boy and eventually a man, but that is in the very distant future. I may not remember life before him, but I definitely remember my body pre-pregnancy!

I knew that pregnancy would change my shape. I knew my belly would get big, my hips would expand, but so would my heart. I was strong. Core strong. Maybe not handstand strong, but I could rock some fun advanced poses. Now? I lost the baby weight, but I couldn’t draw my belly button in if I watched my tummy do it. It’s tough to know that even though I’m back in practice and stronger in ways I never thought I would be, but seriously, where is my core?!?!?!

I’ve been doing some sweet boat pose “sit-ups” and lots (LOTS) of plank pose (forearm to dolphin and plank to curl forward lifts) to try to ignite the mula bandha, stoke the fires! I try not to get frustrated or give up on my desire to work hard and my love of my self. My body is amazing and strong, it’s my ego that needs a makeover. My mind keeps telling me you aren’t as good as you were before, oh you used to be able to do that no problem, and my least favorite, you had a baby and you’re getting old why would you think you can do that!

The importance of being raw and real with yourself ;)
The importance of being raw and real with yourself 😉
The mind is a tricky tricky vixen! This is why we practice, to clear our mind and get that self doubt out of there. I practice to be stronger, to be the best part of myself, and to help me stay present for that sweet baby who I carried in my body.

You may wonder why this is coming up for me now, well we are getting ready to go on beach vacation and well I’m just not ready to give up wearing a bikini! Vain, I know 🙂 maybe it’s part of me that still thinks I’m in my 20’s. For now, I will keep working hard to stay in moment, keep practicing, and most importantly, to keep having fun. My core will just have to catch up with me or not, I will still rock my two piece while sipping mojitos this summer 🙂


2 thoughts on “Yoga Momma checking herself

  1. i completely understand! i don’t think my abs came back together until 8 or 9 months postpartum. they still had that awkward separation, and i felt so uncoordinated. my first ashtanga class back after a baby was so hilarious. i couldn’t even roll up to sitting from supine because the fat on my body had shifted. i didn’t have the same cushion on my backside that i relied on for a smooth transition. but there was plenty in my belly area for a while! it’s so hard to let go of our egos, but a sense of humor helps. 🙂

    1. So true!!! I tried my best after Bug was born and I definitely pushed too hard to be exactly as I was before I was pregnant. But you know I should have realized that life changes with baby and that includes my body too 🙂

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