Nap time musings

I write this as little man sleeps next to me on my bed. Of course, as soon as Bug closes his little eyes, the clock starts ticking about how much I can get done and how long he sleeps.

In about a week, Bug and I will be visiting my besties and family in Cali (I can’t wait to jump in the ocean wth him), but we will also be marking Aide’s 18 month birthday (half birthday if you will). There’s a lot I wish I could say we were doing like sleeping through the night, weaned, and maybe a little more social with other adults. We will get there, it’s my mantra. I am starting to think about what needs to be done for him on the learning front as well as what I need for myself to keep being a strong momma and a sane one too.

Time flies by when you’re chasing a toddler 😉
More to come on some goals and desires I want top make happen over the next 6 months!


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