More nap time musings

Bug is sleeping. Life is good.

I love being a mom, but some days (weeks, months) I really really enjoy nap time. Almost a little TOO much. There is stuff to get done this week, especially since Bug and I are heading off to Cali for a few days. The man gets a mini vacay with the dogs at home.

Traveling with the lil guy isn’t always easy. At 18-months, he has his own ideas of what he wants to be doing. So 4 hours on a plane is going to be interesting, unless I can get him to take a long nap. Traveling with bug is important to me, I want him to experience many fun things including the ocean. All that means traveling. Of course, any schedule is going to go out there door. For me too! I’ll get up a little earlier, which may allow me some morning meditation or movement. It may also give me a little time to write, post photos of our adventure, and plan our day. It will mean lots of new faces (or faces he doesn’t remember) and snacks that I may or may not get to make.

As Bug naps next to me, I hope this isn’t the last long nap. I hope he can chill out while we play on the beach. I look forward to being present even though, I will be single parenting it. As Bug sleeps, I hope we have understanding people next to us when Bug can’t handle being on the airplane any longer. Mostly, I hope we enjoy our trip together.


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