Going to California on a Big Jet Plane

I can’t explain it, but I’m a little anxious about getting on a plane tomorrow.

Bug and I are heading to see mor family and friends and one other important thing, I need to get into the ocean. Growing up in California has made me a ocean gal, living in Austin doesn’t fill my desire to be near the beach, hence why I love going “home”, to Hawaii, or any other tropical location. Being in California isn’t what is making me anxious though…

Bug is a few days from being 18-months old, he has a mind of his own and desires that he expresses. I just hope he doesn’t overly express on the plane or get too antsy on take off or landing. I am hoping all our yoga time, our breathing together, and some crayons/iPad games can distract him for our 3.5 hr flight. I’m hoping to get up early enough to meditate, get some mat time in, and pack our snacks.

Now you can hope on Instagram and see many yogis pre-airplane yoga moves (mostly handstands and crazy back bends), but my practice will focus mostly on reclined heros, kneeling lunges, and shoulder openers. I may post some photos from the airport, if we have time. Keep your eye out for some video from our beach time and some random yoga play. Now I must get going, momma has got to get her yoga on and make mor graham crackers (nom nom nom).


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