Cali Chronicles #1

First of all, I slightly dislike the word Cali, I use it mostly in jest, but this trip has me feeling like it is appropriate to use. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you, but it does.

It is amazing how whenever I come back here, it feels like I’ve never left. Sure it takes me one trip from my dad’s house to my home town for me to remember which freeways to take (in my defense, I never lived downtown San Jose. So there’s that…), otherwise, I find my groove so easily!

Bug and I are having a blast, even if he is on some weird schedule here (8pm bedtime, 5:30am wake up. WTH?) and I haven’t been able to do a solo morning practice. That’s ok, I’m getting in some good soul nourishment. Tomorrow will be a day for Bug to spend with my dad and stepmom at a little kid amusement park and petting zoo. It should be a beautiful day and I hope we can jump in the pool for a swim too. The ocean is still calling my name, it will have to wait untilMonday. Sad but true.

I remember there was a time when I would jump in the ocean first thing. Now it’s all about connecting and getting Bug to connect too. Ah, yes. I’ve grown up some. Here are a few photos, this far. Not everything has been captured, some will just live as memories in my mind.

20140411-205359.jpg soaking up some sunshine on the patio. Love!

20140411-205454.jpg grandma got him a trike, he hasn’t figured out how to use it… Yet!

Waking up and watching the planes get ready to land

20140411-205657.jpg yoga together on the patio, he wasn’t really into it.

Hope you had a great week! I’ll give more of an update on the weekend recap! Have a great one y’all 😉


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