home sweet OM

Bug and I are home all refreshed from California and last night I got to teach my Tuesday night restorative class. I use the phrase “got to”, because honestly I feel honored that. I get to teach. My heart and cup is full which made teaching all my regular students (those who come to Tues, Thursday, and Sunday respectively) in one class together! It was one of the best parts of coming home, I love my job 🙂

Teaching is quite a blessing, i know I have worked hard to create a beautiful style of restorative that even the most hard core vinyasa lover will enjoy. It’s also a blessing to have some great students who don’t mind when I curse, stumble in my words, or act silly. My highest self is a pirate mouthed, funny gal, except when I get in my own way causing myself to stumble over my words 🙂 today I am just basking in that love and joy.

Home is sweet and I am thankful! How is your week going thus far?



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