Nap Time Musings

20140417-114658.jpg Once again it is nap time!

So I’m sitting here with Silver Lining Playbook in the background and the Bug curled up next to me (boy he’s getting big). This poor boy has had a fever since 2am and I’ve basically been up since then which has me thinking about drinking some Coco Cafe. That stuff is delish and I’m wondering why I don’t have a case of it?


I love my coffee time 🙂20140417-114736.jpg



I also love my down time which has been spent reading more yoga books (more education, better teacher or maybe better student) and I’m really digging Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions (holy shit!! It’s good and inspiring and lighting a fire in me to go out and get more, be more, do more!).  Five books at once maybe a little much, but I love reading and naptime is perfect for it.


20140417-114837.jpgLast musing, this time last week I was soaking up Sundays in California. I love this photo and I love that looking at this photo fills my cup. Cup is full and to share my joy, I’m making some raw peanut butter cups to bring to yoga tonight 😉 I love spoiling my students!




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