Spring Baking Fever!

With Easter coming up, I thought I would make some homemade versions of classics found in those cellophane, bright colored baskets. Yesterday Bug and I made marshmallow which will replace peeps in our baskets and raw peanut butter cups (click on them to find the recipes I used).



yum! Marshmallow!


Bug approves of the delish chocolate for the peanut butter cups!

Flour-less chocolate cake
Flour-less chocolate cake

We even made a Flour-less cake for a pregnant friend of ours. Spring is a great time for playing with lighter sweets, more fruit based, although you can never go wrong with chocolate either 🙂 More and more I find my time in the kitchen soothing, calming, and meditative. Even if Bug is having wild man hour, the sound of the mixer or food processor or the hum of the ice cream machine seems to eventually spread the calmness through out the house. I feel productive and sweet when I make goodies for my friends and family, I love to feed those I love. That is just another gift I love to share.

Teaching yoga and baking goodies, that is pretty much what I got besides striving to be a bad-ass momma! Which by the way is a FULL time job 🙂

Just a little side bar for those who think Bug doesn’t get all the kitchen time we clock. At a play date this morning, Bug was playing with one of those fancy kiddo kitchens. He found the little play mixer and found the little cup cake tray. He was laughing and “pouring” from the mixer to the tray. This little man is going to be in the kitchen whether a baker or a chef, perhaps he will just love to cook for fun. Take that gender roles! 🙂

I have another post coming, it’s deeper, more telling about myself, and more revealing of a post than I have done in a while. I’ll try to have it up as soon as I can.


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