Where do you want to be?

My lil guy and his selfie
My lil guy and his selfie


I find myself playing the “where do you want to be in 1yr, 3 yrs, 5yrs?” game in the quiet minutes of my day. Not so much as a “I don’t like where I am”, but more of a “life is going to be different and ever changing, so where do you want to steer this ship?” kind of way. I often find myself day dreaming as I wash the dishes or pick up the house after baby and dogs are in dream land (the man relaxing and unwinding after his day), usually about teaching sweet yoga retreats and alternating between having a holistic center and running a yoga/hippie camp. It’s all a possibility, you know!

where do you want to be?

I often think about next year when Bug will be in preschool, how will I fill my days?  I would love to align more classes, private clients, online classes, and of course more writing and blogging. The thing is, as any yoga momma or new teacher will tell you, it’s not that easy. Not only will it be a processes to get Bug into school,  but it will also take months to get the stars to align to take on more classes. I most likely will be toting Bug around to studios, connecting with owners and teachers to hustle more restorative classes. It’s the part of teaching yoga that I find least fun, talking about how awesome I am.  At least when it comes to getting a job.

Working on my inversions
Working on my inversions

I haven’t really answered my own question, have I? In a year, I hope to be teaching more, writing more, practicing yoga more, and laughing with Bug when I’m not.  A few years after that, maybe host a retreat or two.  Other than that I will see what life brings me. What about you? What do you day dream of, where would you like to be? What will life hand you?


Xo, liz







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