Or why my practice is getting deeper off the mat!

So much is going on right now, I can’t really even express how awesome life is 🙂 spring

Oh yea, I found it. Still a work in progress,  but it is getting easier.
Oh yea, I found it. Still a work in progress, but it is getting easier.

is here, the weather is warm and beautiful, and so much of my day is spent out doors with bug and exploring in the kitchen. Not to say that I don’t get mat time, because nap time is still long (3hrs) and I am getting plenty of sweet yoga in.

I’m working on rediscovering my strength (post natal belly and strong legs) while keeping my heart soft and my hips relaxed. Essentially, I’m bringing my philosophy of restorative yoga into all aspects of my practice. Keeping super focused on my breath, I am working my way through space and life. It isn’t just about breathing through my practice though, it is about being present with my breath through my day/week/month/year/life. It IS about being present. PERIOD.


What I am finding is that the best way for me to clear my mind, to keep present, and to have fun with Bug 🙂 is baking. Sure, I love  cook for my family and keep them healthy and fed, but baking sweet treats is my favorite. I’m trying to move that more into healthy breads and other goodies that would be healthier for us. Plus, really I’m trying hard to cut back on bread (I’m trying really hard to lose the last little bit of baby weight, 3lbs to be exact. Not much I know, but it will make me feel better) and sweets. So when I found this recipe for 2-ingredient pancakes (on Cup of Jo) not using any flour, it reminded me of my friend Sanieh’s fabulous paleo recipe (for more recipes by her, here you go.)

What we are making these days!

This is one and a half bananas and one egg. The bananas were

small (as shown) and instead of smashing, I relish any chance I get to use the food processor (Bug likes pushing the button too).

We enjoyed the 5 small pancakes with a little Nutella spread on them, there are no picture because Bug ate his in 2 seconds and well I ate mine just as fast before he  tried to eat them 🙂  I strongly suggest you try them, they cook fast so watch out.


This is how we a grounding after all the crazy lunar shit!

With all the craziness happening in our planetary system, we’ve found that it is even more important to playing the earth every day.

Digging into some compost

This is just another way I’ve discovered my off the mat practice is pretty much the same as my on the mat practice. The more we play in the dirt, plant, and water as we watch things grow, I feel more at peace. My mind is calm, my heart is full and centered, and my body is at peace. The amazing power that dirt and grass and seeds and water holds is mind blowing!

These practices of moving meditation are so strong and they are so necessary. I’ve been working hard at noticing how much of my practice has influenced all that I do, but also how much what I do has influenced my yoga. I couldn’t play in the kitchen or in the dirt and enjoy it so if it weren’t for being focused which all comes from my practice. And round and round it goes, one influencing the other and vice versa. Ain’t life grand like that!

Where do you find your “moving meditation”?



One thought on “MovingMeditation

  1. I love this Liz! Being present IS the key isn’t it? Noticing, every breath, every bird, every giggle. I’m working very actively right now to do this. It is very challenging for me, especially on the days that life speeds up on me. But the reward for being present is beyond measure. Thank you for sharing all of this. I am walking into the weekend more mindful. xo

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