Weekend Recap

This weekend has flown by! We’ve played with friends, gone out to dinner and brunch, played, laughed, and I did some sweet yoga at the studio… Solo. Not very much on the photo front though, I have to say. I fell short on that. It’s part of my battle. The desire to capture memories and yet be present for them too. It seriously is a problem for me. Balance. In all things.

On the mat, we spend time on two feet, one foot, or no feet. Balancing comes in many forms,although not just of the physical kind. Mental balance works along side of the physical. We balance breath and movement, unhelpful thoughts,and the need to push farther and where reality has us. After class, we feel revived, balanced, and ready to tackle thee world and all the distractions that come at us.

Off the mat, well, it’s a whole other ball of wax.

We have jobs, families, friends, smart phones,tv’s, radios, and who knows what else that calls pulls our attention else where. Balance is daily lost off the mat when we are centered, grounded, focused. How do we keep more balanced off the mat? I don’t have the answers, all I know is time is precious. I can’t be looking at life through a lens or be worried about “documenting” it all. Sometimes memories just get to be memories! Sometimes life is to be lived and your focus is on exactly what and who is in front of you. This is the balance, this is the patience, and the yoga off the mat. Be present, be grounded, and don’t worry about where you were or what lies too far ahead of you.

Balance. That’s what I did this week and lived 😉


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