My tribe, my village

It takes a village…

When Bug was born, I knew I needed a community to help me. Not just because I can’t do it all, but because it’s important to be comfortable with people. Community is important. In Sanskrit, it is usually referred to as a sangha.

I have amazingly found a good group of moms who support each other, help each other out, and encourage. It feels great to have a “tribe” of women who understand it’d not a competition for mom of the year against each other, but that being a mom has good days and tough days. It’s important to support those around. But now (!!), it’s not just a momma tribe that I have 🙂

Last night, for the first time, I felt like I actually helped create that feeling after restorative. After months of bringing snacks to class, I realized the real purpose of all my baking. It wasn’t just to “feed” people, but that food brings people together. So many conversations, memories, moments happen over food, that’s why kitchens are so key to our homes. Post restorative, people grabbed a slice of banana bread and introduced themselves. Some needed to go, that’s life, but a good group of regulars stayed.we talked. I learned more about them and shared more about myself. I learned that I was calling out on regulars who didn’t like it and that my warm hands are comforting to those who had a long day. I learned that one student does TCM for close friends and family, another offered champagne for next class (post class of course! Who doesn’t love yoga and champagne?), but while people introduced themselves I was quiet for a minute. Watching how people interacted with each other, made my heart full.

This is what I’ve always wanted, whether I knew it or not. Sure, it’s great to have a “big” class. Good for the ego and good for the paycheck, but all along THIS was what I wanted. THIS sense of community is exactly what I wanted, it’s made me feel like my studio has become hOMe.

Where do you feel at home?


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