Weekend Recap- a day late!

Summer is fully here in Austin, yet we haven’t reached the scorcher days… Emphasis on the YET. Which means our mornings are cool(ish) and the afternoons are warm enough for swimming, splashing, and pretty much any other water activity. As you know (or may not), I cracked my phone a little while ago (ashamed to admit I haven’t fixed it yet) and so water with a cracked phone is no bueno. Rest assured, my days are spent with Bug in the water at home or at the pool. My nights have been (rightfully so) spent chugging water, salvaging our skin, and sleeping (sun zapped).

Life outdoors is so amazing, for both Bug and I. He explores (and exhausts himself) and I get to enjoy the beautiful energy of the trees, wind (soothes my vata heart), water (my Scorpio nature), and the sun on my skin (my pitta body, I’ve got quite the combo going on)! Our mornings have even been starting on the patio with the chalkboard and car mat, I’ve been able to sip coffee and watch this little boy who fills my heart so.

These moments of peace, of being aware, and being present have been one part of my practice lately. This ability to see the world from a different point of view and from a set of eyes that are not mine. I have been enjoying searching for these different views. Isn’t that part of the practice? I mean, we move our bodies (twisting, bends, inverting) and if we look, really look open our eyes, we can see the world around us (the room we are in or how we see our selves) from every angle. Even if we close our eyes and keep the “gaze” internal, we can’t help but see different parts of ourselves. It’s one of the best parts of practicing yoga, in my humble opinion.

So maybe this isn’t my standard Weekend Recap, but more of a nap-time musings. I promise soon to get some good photos of our weekend fun. I also will have a good recipe for chocolate banana cupcakes and some Popsicles/ice cream we are working on this week. I will also have a short little sequence to keep balanced as our days get longer and our nights get shorter. This is the time when our energy can get sucked up in an instant and we are left depleted.








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