In the kitchen as on the mat

Balance. Between heaven and earth. Between work and home. Between the kitchen and the yoga mat ;)
Between heaven and earth.
Between work and home.
Between the kitchen and the yoga mat 😉

I just have to say, today is a shit day. I’m frustrated, disappointed, and well kind of in need of a good afternoon at the spa.

That being said, I’ve been enjoying quite a bit of time in the kitchen figuring out snacks for warm/hot/hotter than hell days.  I don’t know about you, but I hate having the stove or oven on during the summer. Plus, I am much more of a juice, salad,  light fare when it comes to hot foods. This week has been a joy in experimenting with Popsicles. Ice cream too, but really Popsicles are gonna be where it’s at.  Cool, fruity deliciousness 🙂 although there are no photos of the sweet treats, let me tell you creativity knows no end when coming up with gun combinations. I will say this, basil lemonade and coconut water/mango/raspberry are our (bug and my) top favorites.

Lately, I have been questioning my home practice.  What I “need” to be doing and what feels good for me, but there is always a “should” aspect that comes into play. I *should* be able to do handstands/dancers/arm balances of any kind.  I *should* be meditating every day for 10 minutes at least instead of relying on doing it when I teach.  The reality of it is that I’m not there, yet.  And some of those who knows if I’ll get there for a while, but does that make me less of a great yogi or yoga teacher?

Instead of pushing my body to do poses I’m not ready for, I’ve been finding more solace

Heart opening hero. I get by with a little help from my friends... And a few bolsters
Heart opening hero. I get by with a little help from my friends… And a few bolsters

in the practice I love to teach, restorative. I’ve been using nap time yoga to open my hips and my heart. To not allow fear or frustration to cloud or block my heart. For this yoga momma, who wears her heat of her sleeve, it’s important for me to keep it open as possible.  My heart, my soul, my body are working to function as one AND that is what I remind myself when my asana practice falters. These are the words I use to teach and they are the words I need to hear as well. (Isn’t that funny how that works sometimes? Saying something for a group, but secretly knowing  that the words that pass through my mouth are actually for me.)

So while I explore and experiment in the kitchen, I am doing the same on the mat. Finding the right combo of coolness, effort, and ease is my goal. My palate, my movement, my breath all giving me cues and this can go for the same for my yoga practice 😉

Funny how these two things continually mirror each other!
xo, liz



Ps, mommas doing yoga on a play date! Don’t worry there will be more 😉



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