Weekend Recap

Mother’s Day weekend and flying solo with Mr Bug. It’s been a great weekend, but I’m exhausted. So exhausted that writing long sentences seems to be a problem tonight 😉  this Mother’s

Reverse table for one!
Reverse table for one!

Day , I have made a decision to get back to my practice. Not just my fun bug practice or my early morning practice before bug awakes, but the kind where I go to the studio, breathe, move,  and challenge myself in ways that I don’t do at home.

My decision to recommit to my practice has been a long time coming. I miss the hang out and community feel of practicing with others, although I feel way more confident in my home practice than ever!  I need the structure and space that practicing in a studio brings, plus I know that once I get into it, it will bring about some changes in life and although, life with the Bug is already full of changes, the changes yoga brings about (like focus, patience, presence) will be welcomed.

Mother’s Day play!


Homemade spinach pies... Recipe to come out this week!
Homemade spinach pies… Recipe to come out this week!











How ow was your weekend? Did you celebrate mom or be celebrated?


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