Scorpio Full Moon

Holy crap!


I can’t be the only one feeling the intensity building up for this full moon tonight, I mean it can’t just be me and every other Scorpio 😉 I mean the power in the air is palatable and electric, right?

Recently, I’ve started doing modified sun salutes first thing in the morning (I won’t even begin to go into why I modify, but I’ll just say that I like being creative in my flow) before everyone wakes up. Mostly, this has been my “me” time, my quiet time. It’s also helps me center and focus my days. This morning, I practically jumped out of bed (at 5:45am, nonetheless! Which for me is crazy.) and was on the mat moving this sweet, powerful energy around. This Scorpio moon is supposed to be intense in so many ways, here are some links if you want to learn more:

I hope you are enjoying this awesomeness and stay grounded! Half moon pose, mountain pose, or heck do some sweet moon salutes (here is my friend nancy showing you how,

Huge hugs and love friends!


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