On the mat, off the mat

Have you ever noticed that what we crave on the mat is so much what we need off the mat? And vice versa.

Maybe you haven’t. Next time your toes touch the mat, take a moment or two and notice what it is you’re life that’s drawing you in. Then, when you are practicing, be aware of what poses are feeling awesome in your body. Is it the beauty of heart openers that is making you feel shiny? Perhaps it is the strength in core work or the power of plank. How do you feel in the grounding of meditation? What poses are feeling powerful and what seem to just move you around.

Comparing what you want in life and what poses you are drawn in by. Is there any parallel? I’ve been doing this little experiment recently for my 6am practice. I’ve been craving strength, stability, heart openness, and balance, of course all these things are both on the mat and off. The stronger I can be, the more it can take care of myself and those who rely on me. The more stable/balanced I can be on the mat, the more I can find that off the mat as well. The more my heart cracks open, the more love will flow. It’s so amazing how our practice works and life on/off the mat mimics each other!

This little practice has been so helpful to me, I hope you find it helpful too!





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