Splits, closer
Splits, closer

I’m on a roll with the flow and go these days!


This weekend, I’m teaching a shit ton of yoga. And even better, I’m teaching some flow/vinyasa which I’m slowly getting, well back into the flow of 🙂 Restorative yoga will always be my first love, but there is something lovely about teaching something playful like vinyasa. Yes, that’s right, I said playful! You won’t find the standard sun salutes while I’m teaching,  link breath and movement, sure! Arm balances, laughter, inversions, falling, and a whole helluva lot of smiles, yes! Trying something new, staying focused enough and present enough to not just move to the next pose that you think is coming. That is the key to the way I love to teach! I love the flow and go, the inhale/exhale, and moving and grooving, but keep it wild and free. Don’t get stuck in the grind or in a rut. Try something new! Forget the vinyasa (plank, chatarunga,up-dawg, down dog). Make up your own salute! Salute yourself 😉


I’m fond of doing tree salutes (starting in tree pose and letting some organic movement happen  from there), take your favorite poses and see how you can link them together. I encourage you to kick ass and explore your awesomeness!

have a great weekend lovelies!





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