Reset, Restore, and Love

Last night, I was out on the patio, looking up at the stars, the moon, and the beautiful sky. I felt both infinite and yet so tiny, it was a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. When was the last time you felt that way?


I’m on vacation and it feels amazing!! I’ve practiced daily, been in the ocean every chance I can get, I done some open heart meditation, and channeled my inner warrior momma. It has been a wonderful get away, an escape from the daily grind. All day and night you can hear the ocean roar, there’s no tv (but clearly there’s internet), and no yelling what time it is really except by noticing how high the sun is in the sky (or if you have a watch or phone). It’s been a good reset for me. An unplugging and a sense of presence for that is important, those in front of you and the life you lead. Life is good!

Now it’s time to take Bug out to the water! More later 😉


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