What’s next? Follow your heart!

Some may say it’s sun/heat stroke, but I swear the ocean speaks. Not just hello, how are you, jump in and soothe your soul, but if you listen real close. Like really be still and quiet, it will answer all your questions and heart desires.

Recently, the question “what’s next” or “now what” keeps presenting itself to me (in numerous forms, let me tell you!) and it has gone unanswered until this trip. I keep saying it, the ocean for me feels like home. Maybe it’s from growing up on the coast of California, maybe it’s the water in my blood, who knows, frankly, I don’t need an answer as to why the ocean moves me (calms me, centers me, expands me, brings me to tears, and makes my heart light all in the same breathe), it just does!

Early this morning (like 5am!), I was listening to the thunderous roar of the waves cascading one after another, the question of “now what?” came to mind. And then there was an answer.
“Nothing. Nothing now Brain, your job is done. Put out exactly what you want and then let your heart do the rest. Let your heart lead. And it will all just happen.”

Again, you may think this was some bit of sun stroke or half asleep dream, believe what you need to. I know that this was the universe/life/god/my own heart/the ocean telling me what I needed to know. “Now, trust.”

It’s like when you are trying something new on the mat, you have no idea what will happen, but you move through it, do it, trust in yourself that you’ll know how far you can go. You build strength, you soften, you breathe, and then you are there (or maybe 100 tries later you are there, just saying). We are constantly in it to learn, to grow, to receive from ourselves, and to let go of what no longer serves. That is our practice. Our practice is to trust!

So much has/is being created right now, it’s amazing how much has happened in the last few weeks. I can’t even believe how on fire I feel, like there is nothing I can’t do, no challenge I can’t tackle, and no problem I can’t solve (of course, to be fair… A cure for cancer has come to me this vacay while meditating or a way to create world peace. So there is that)…. I just feel in the flow.

And therefore, I’m going to trust. In my heart being my guide. In life to guide me and continue to hand me opportunities (no matter how challenging). And for my practice to rock!


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