Full Moon blessings



Does anyone else feel really eff-ing awesome right now? That full moon early this AM is blissfully powerful 🙂 Do you find yourself lighter, did you remind yourself to “let it go”? Whatever “it” may be!

I definitely feel like I could tackle anything today, I feel strong, and ready to create the dreams that so often fill my mind. There is some awesome stuff in store and like all dreams, it will take time and work 🙂 I have no idea how, but that is the joy of creating something new!

This reminds me of the Jim Carey speech that is floating around the inter-webs. If you haven’t watched it, find it. It’s a minute long and a well spent minute 🙂 but basically, we can choose to live life from fear or love. Either way, there is no guarantees. A decision from fear could still end poorly. Of course, choosing something from love may not end the way you envisioned, but hey “aim for the moon” at least you’ll land among the stars! Friends, use this beautiful moon to let go of what is holding you back and move in the direction of love.

This is my full moon blessing to you! Love more, smile more, hug more, soften more. Be stronger, lighter, freer, and wilder. Choose love, let go of fear. And if today you aren’t ready for this, don’t worry! There will be another full moon next month 😉




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