Signs you’re on the right path

Friends, I have to tell you…. The universe definitely has a plan for you. Even if it’s not the one you had planned for yourself 😉

I didn’t realize it, but in an odd way I have been working on a recent idea for over a year now! Crazy that I hadn’t had the idea before two weeks ago, I know. When the time came for pen to touch paper, not only were the words already in my mind, it dawned on me that slowly this project has been half way accomplished already! Why didn’t I see it earlier, you may ask? Timing is everything 🙂 a year ago, I didn’t have the time nor the creativity to put this idea together. Now that Bug is getting older, now that I have put in the time and energy into teaching more, NOW is the “right” time.

I’m not quite ready to share fully what my “idea” is yet, but it is all about restorative yoga. It is all about thinking outside of the box. And it is all about awesomeness 😉 I look forward to sharing with you soon. I hope to see the signs as the universe shows them to me, I hope to keep that feeling of trust in my heart to be guided by that which I can’t see.  I hope you find something that ignites the fire within you!




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