Let the fire stay lit!


How I get writing done
How I get writing done

i can’t express (again!) how awesome life really is, it just keeps getting MORE awesome!  My faith in life and in good things happening has been restored. My oh my, ask for what you want friends you just might get it!

Last post, I mentioned that I am enjoying the delight of finally picking up the signs of the path I’ve been working towards. And proof that I am right where I need to be keep showing up.  I literally had mentioned to a friend recently that I want to start working towards co-leading my first retreat and this week a opportunity presented itself to me.  Just like that! There is still a lot of work and planning, but it’s happening!

I’ve also been spending nap times writing. Writing, plotting, writing, editing! There’s still work to do, but I think I have a plan to get it done 🙂

Bug playing in a creek all Tom Sawyer style in Temple
Bug playing in a creek all Tom Sawyer style in Temple

Yesterday, bug and I drove up to Temple TX to go see friends. It was a blast, not only for him but me too! Being at our friends house with her daughter who is a year and a half older than Bug, well this really was the first time I didn’t worry what bug was getting into, what he was doing, or felt the need to chase him around. It was quite freeing and it felt like a good spaces to be and maybe write (drink some coffee or wine, socialize with my friend).   I can see us mommas watching the kids run around while we work on our own projects or just sit and watch. It almost makes me wish I had a little house out of the city (some of you may argue that Austin isn’t a real city… If you saw this place you would know that Austin is a city in its own right and this place was a much needed reprieve).

Ah summer is upon us! So much fun to be had and so much fun to create. What are you gonna create this summer? What are ignites your fires within?




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