Musings from “The Path”

I am a firm believer that we choose the life we are born into, for some that is a hard pill to swallow. I choose to believe that life/the universe/God doesn’t throw anything at us that we can’t handle. Call me an optimist, but I swear that helps me get through challenging days!

I’ve talked a lot about how on and off the mat mirror each other, I’m sure by now you already are shaking your head and saying to yourself “yea, Liz. We got it!” but we really can take observation when we kind challenge on the mat. Toughing it out, pushing farther than you are capable, or not taking on a challenging pose at all, well you can see these as signs of how we see or approach challenge off the mat. Life is work friends. Yoga is work. Hell even fun can be work (if you are a worry wort or don’t make enough time for hugs/laughter/smiles/mischief! Everyone needs a little mischief every now then πŸ˜‰ !
For the last week or so, I’ve really had a good cry in every heart opener I’ve taken. Now in my home practice, this is mostly “wild thing”, camel, or cobra. No matter, the tears have really been flowing and the release in my heart space has been tremendous. I tend not to label my tears or search to deeply for the “reason” why they are coming, instead I opt to notice how I am feeling when they come. If there is a clear “oh this shit is from XYZ”, then that’s ok, but I don’t need to know why. I just accept the process and let it go πŸ™‚ I continually work at making that sweet gemstone called my heart brighter, shine sparkle, and clear away any rubbish that may collect there. No wonder I’m always teaching them!

Heart openers have always been a big release for me, I’m always trying to create more space in my heart for all the love I hold for life and those in mine. My tears recently have been more of joy than of sadness or fear. In my nearly ten years of being in Austin, I have (finally) created a fabulous group of friends and support, both as being a mom and as a yoga teacher. Of course, both also support me being Liz. The best part is that this support isn’t just in Austin, but all over. Which amazes me! I couldn’t take a solo path this life, I have always needed good friends and good people in my life. Thank guru for the inter webs (those who really know me, know I didn’t even use email until like 7 years ago)!

It is these people whom I can call/text/tweet/PM and share my kiddo worries, my sadness, my joys, my smiles and my tears, and most importantly, do the same for them. This is why I’m here. This is my purpose, this is my path. To support, to show love (to all!!), to high five, to console, and to boost others up when they need it. This is why I teach. This is why I write. And this is why I’m here.

What path are you walking these days?

Ps, some major love goes out to my momma group in The ATX, Raina Rose (y’all should check out her sweet tunes), Christina, Nancy of the Flying Yogini fame, Kelly Connor-Sunrose, Mischelle Storm, All my besties in Ca (kel, Robby, Kar!), my yogini loves (Malia, Liz D, Blake), Chris for huge hugs and big smiles, and I’m sure I’m forgetting more (like my family y’all rock). Please feel free top post your website, blogs, etc in the comments! I would go through and do it right now… But you know time πŸ˜‰


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