Shi(f)t happens! Or what happens when you practice

It doesn’t matter WHY you start doing yoga, at some point the shift will start to happen. You can start out trying to gain flexibility or perhaps you go to move quickly, breathe, a boyfriend or girlfriend dragged you. Of course, the beginning is bliss.

That first class may be hard, but it sparks something in you. It feels just sooooo good. Maybe you make it to class 5 times a week, perhaps you make it hard core and go every day. Yea, you love it! It might take a month, it could take a year, eventually the shift will happen. You’ll start to think about your place in the world, you may even start referring to your life as on and off the mat. Even more, you may start making changes in your life, like purging friends who harsh your sweet post yoga vibe or do a juice cleanse or something inspired by your new found passion. To be honest, this is the fork in the road.

You’ll hit that spot when you are either gonna make changes or you’ll quit doing yoga. Ok, perhaps you’ll all of a sudden get real “busy” or maybe just cut back to one class a week until you eventually stop. Change is inevitable friends, but yoga will put you in the fast track to shift. You either get on board or you don’t. Shi(f)t happens and sometimes it is heavy shit!

The shift will take place ion your body, in your life, in your heart… Well there isn’t really any place you won’t feel it. It’s scary, but it’s amazing. What’s on the other side is amazing. You may not feel that way going through it, but rest assured it’ll be ok. Breathe, smile. I can’t say it enough, shi(f)t happens.

For those of you that left the practice, all in due time. When you are ready, you’ll find your way back to practice and what you are ready to let go of you will. All in time friends!

Did you feel like you hit a shi(f)t storm after row thing for a while? Are you willing to share your story here?

Ps, I’ve gone through the shi(f)t lots of times and currently it’s in effect right now. It’s a big one, but like all lessons they need to be learned. There are some sweet big changes on the horizon for me. And it’s all love people!! All love, all the time, even in the shit 😉


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