Summer Time

Be wild this summer!
Be wild this summer!

It’s July 1st, my how time flies!
It feels like just yesterday it was January and we were all prepping for another new year. I used to think summer lasted forever, funny how when you are a kid they feel that way (although truth be told, I’ve heard plenty of moms of older kids express how “long” summer feels. Some how I don’t think they mean it in the same way!) as if summer will never end.

What are your plans for these long hot months? Whether this is your favorite time of year or you are literally counting down the days until fall appears, right now is a perfect time to be a big kid again! Chase fire flies, go camping, swim until you are exhausted, eat ice cream (vegan or otherwise!), or make s’mores. Maybe you have a drive-in movie theater you like to go to or maybe you do movies at home, there is no time like the summer months to create or recreate great memories.

If you need some “cooling” poses to keep you sane (and keep you loving life!), I’ll be

Summer time in the city ;)
Summer time in the city 😉

posting some here tomorrow. In the mean time, day dream, plan, map out, create a list of what you want “to do” this summer 😉 here’s my short list:

1) do yoga outside every damn day (even just one pose!)
2) take bug on one adventure a week (now swimming place, new city, new activity, something new)
3) write every day, whether it’s a blog post or working to something bigger. Words every day.
4) sleep under the stars at least once with Bug
5) head to the TX coast to play for an overnight
6) take 24 hours to myself. Now this one is a little crazy and may not even happen, but I’d like to take off one Saturday after teaching (sans Aide) and come home Sunday afternoon to hang with Bug and then teach.

These are just a couple things I would love to do this summer, along with drink coffee, laugh a lot, read some, smile, hug, and enjoy friends. If you’re in the ATX, message me and let’s chill. If you are else where and wanna visit, let’s do it!

Happy July friends!


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