Pirates, mermaid pose, and the joy of life

“I must be a mermaid, I gave no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”-Anais Nin20140709-115710-43030646.jpg



I have been really focused on this idea recently that it isn’t about being told you “can” do something in class, but that you should just “take what you need.” That this practice of yoga ISN’T about doing what a teacher says (within reason if course!!!) but about connecting yourself back with your body. So you know, if your teacher is insisting on wild-thing but it isn’t in your practice why not take something else. Or vice versa.

If it were your home practice,
You would! Some of you are probably thinking,
“We take classes to BE told what to do.” So is there room to march to your own beat in the studio? Sure why not? You can take child’s pose at any time in a vinyasa class, why not something else? As long as you are respectful, aware of what you are doing, and not doing anything dangerous go forth and hold, move, play, explore!

Yoga is like coming home, it’s the union of you with you, how better to
Connect than by listening to what your body needs,


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