Proof that I do way too many Mermaid poses!
Proof that I do way too many Mermaid poses!

Friends have always told me about their little ones watching and re-watching the same movie/show over and over again. I’m only partially regretting showing Bug the movie Frozen. At least I like this movie and the songs aren’t always getting stuck in my head (yet!!!!) and mostly Bug likes it. (My fav scene http://youtu.be/jxbDvIXcW_Y )

In watching how the wee one gets hooked on certain things (I won’t even SAY how many times I’ve listened to the song Happy or the theme song to Thomas and Friends!!!) like songs or movies/shows, I can’t but think of how as adults we kinda do the same thing. I can look at Instagram right now and find at least 5 handstands, probably a crow version or two, and I know I have more than a few mermaid poses on there two. We get obsessed (ok, maybe obsessed isn’t quite the right word right here, but for now, I’m sticking with it) with certain things, whether it be a pose in yoga or a food or a tv show or an activity (biking, climbing, surfing) and can’t get enough of it. We become obsessed with learning how to master something, absorbing every detail of a show/pose/track, and in some ways become single focused. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but when all else no longer matters, perhaps obsession is the right word.

More and more (moooooore as Bug would say) I have been working

Bug watching Frozen... Again!
Bug watching Frozen… Again!

towards that even balance. Balance between loving a single pose and giving attention to poses I like less. Going from focus on 20 different things to focusing on what sits (or climbs, runs, plays) in front of me. Balance between obsessing over rocking forearm stand (or handstand) to enjoying oh, maybe side plank again. Balance between the “fire” that seems to be ablaze with my yoga teaching and keeping my small person entertained and engaged. Balance between learning and having fun. Between wanting Bug with me always and needing/getting much needed adult time. Between being me and being who people need me to be.

There is so much happening all around us, all that I work hard to create, the life I want. It’s amazing how life gives us what we ask for πŸ™‚ always! Whether we obsess or struggle to find balance, the energy we put into something just continues to draw energy there. So if you are tunnel focused on handstand, you’ll never get better at triangle (ok, it’ll give you patience to work on triangle, but not the openness or leg strength to HOLD it for some time). If you focus only on what’s wrong, you’ll miss out on all the beauty that is well, everywhere. Focus only on what you lack and what you already have may not be there for long. Focus solely on Frozen and you is out on Monsters, Inc πŸ˜‰ ok that one was just for fun!

What is your current “obsession”? Is it a healthy/good one? Or are you missing out on something moooooooooore?



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