It has been a loooooooong week

Man,  Bug has not napped all week. Or he has napped SUPER late, but today he finally fell asleep at a normal time. Whew!!!

It seems like I’ve been so neglectful to so many things this week, not just myself (or reading or writing or maybe how messy my house is!), but even a little bit of Bug. When spending 24/7 with little man, sometimes I just felt the need to hide away from him. While Bug plays often by himself (trucks, drawing, blocks), he still loves his momma 🙂 You know though, sometimes everyone needs a little space.

There is still a fire that burns within me, there is still a desire to take on a book (a a training manual, a retreat, and so much more), but time is the one thing I’ve been lacking. To keep my creative juices going, to keep my body moving, I’ve been playing around with time lapse video 🙂 of course, the dogs love yoga and so does the boy! It’s still been fun even if playing is always interrupted.

Today, I will get some work done. I will write, I will focus on me, and I will enjoy his nap.

Happy Friday!




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