No words.

I want to write. I feel like there HAS to be something to say, to write, to share. There just doesn’t seem to be any words. I’m of course ok with that, silence is golden.

Yesterday was a tough day, no nap and cranky pants for EVERYONE. A great idea was on my mind, alas I had no chance to get it out. It went where missing socks go, where your keys hide when you are searching for them, and lost ideas hide there too. Sitting down today to type, I got nothing (although apparently, I’m making something outta nothing right now!), but the desire to write is there.

It’s like when you unroll your mat even though you sure as hell have no desire to practice. You stand on the mat thinking, “ugh, I don’t know what to do.” Then you close your eyes, feel your breath, all of a sudden you are moving. Maybe it’s just a little cat/cow. Maybe it’s a full on sun sal. It’s when we don’t think we need it, that’s when we need it the most!! This is life loves, this is our practice, and why we do what we do. Writing, yoga, whatever your passion be, it should be done daily. Even if you don’t have the words 😉


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