It’s a wild, wild world





O Captain, my captain…



This photo is from last years Yoga on a Boat class for Wanderlust ATX festival….  Aide was just about one year old, his dad was about to head to Spain for the week, and the sweet ladies of The Yoga Recipe made my dream come true of getting to teach at a yoga festival. It was amazing, I taught back to back classes and I seriously think that it was what ignited the fire within me now.

one year later…. I didn’t expect the news, but I’ll be teaching two classes again!



Heart broken open
Heart broken open


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”- Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

while yesterday’s good news still has me excited and flying high, there is sadness about the loss of Robin Williams, due to suicide. Of course, there has been a lot of death lately. The young man shot in Ferguson, Gaza, and I couldn’t tell you how many others.  Life is precious, we only get to live this one once. And it saddens me that a man who inspired so many and made them laugh at a time when they may need it the most, decided to end his.  Friends, please PLEASE(!!!), if you are feeling alone, depressed, or as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, reach out. Talk to some one, get a hug, get help. You are NOT alone.  Please don’t let you light go out too soon.  It’s a wild world, depression will trick you into believing things that may not be true. It’s a disease, but there is help out there.

My Great Aunt took her life over a decade ago, there is not a day that goes by when I don’t think of her, miss her, and hope she has found peace. A few years ago, I struggled with some depression as well, but it was her loss that helped me reach out. The void she left in my life reminded me why I would never want to end my life. Now I can see how important it is to shine my own light. To keep my heart open, to let my emotions move through me, and to have a good foundation of friends and people to support me. I know that today this is a common theme, but as time passes let us not forget the importance of listening and being there for others.

So good news, serious news, and now it’s time to get back to some practice 😉 and prep for restorative tonight!


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