The importance of refilling you cup


Today is just one of those days… The kinda day when my patience is nil, I’m running on coffee, and the desire for a weekend by myself at the ocean. The dogs are driving me nuts and Bug was clinging to my side like static cling! (The only way I’m even getting these words out is because he decided to fall asleep at 10:30am!)

I recognize that my energy is low and my need for self care is really strong. Not even the pampering day at the spa kind, but perhaps a night alone to read in the cafe or a chance to go take a yoga class. We all need time by ourselves, time to read, to sit, to think, and just be. My yoga practice is often this space for me, but the little toddler guru isn’t always interested in letting me. We all need time to refill our cup and not just our coffee cups!

In my spare time, (when I’m not cleaning up after Hurricane Aiden, eating real fast, or trying to write a few words down) I have been reading “How Yoga Works” and “Meditations from the Mat”. Sure it’s slow going, but that’s ok 🙂 Something that I came across this week was this little gem from Marianne Williamson “If you want to end darkness, you cannot beat it with a baseball bat, you have to turn on a light.”

You may wonder what this has to do with yoga or even keeping your energy going?

Well, I’ll be the first to tell you how much I love coffee, but I’ll also be the first to admit it’s not always the best way to keep my battery charged. This yoga momma needs to have some breathing room, to practice what she preaches in restorative. Let’s all just go forth and take care of ourselves, not to say we can’t take care of others. It’s just that you can’t pour water out of an empty well. Coffee is my baseball bat to my darkness. Sure, it keeps me afloat for a few days at a time, but ultimately, it’s not going to “fix” the problem. What are swinging a baseball bat at instead of flipping the switch? Can you use your practice to help you see what changes you need?

Me? Well, I’m going to take a yoga weekend away and next week when Bug starts school, I’ll be enjoying some me time! Happy Wednesday and take care 😉



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