Change is always happening!

Lately, life has been a roller coaster; Ups, downs, fast, and slow.

From 20 minute naps (or no naps!) to flying solo, all combined with getting a teaching spot at the Wanderlust Festival ATX and working to help my lovely lady friends over at The Yoga Recipe. These last couple weeks have been crazy and busy, but fun.

I want to get back into the habit of writing again, back to sharing every day. I’ve sorta kinda found a way to share some (time lapse videos on Instagram have been way too much fun for me!), but it hasn’t satisfied my love of writing.  I love sharing how yoga really is the thread that moves through all our lives and keeps me present and happy. Beyond moving, even more than breathing (although, lemme tell you 😉 bug keeps me taking some deep breaths as we approach the terrible two’s or his new dare devil antics!), being present as well as getting back to the basics of the Yamas and Niyamas. Showing my boy how to live and how to have principles (values and a moral code are important in raising a child).  I’m always amazed at how much I learn from the boy!

This week will hopefully be slow on the social scale, which will hopefully mean some writing time for me as well as a good chance to get my priorities in check, catch up with emails, and plan my next steps in my takeover. It will probably start with getting my photo and bio up on the Wanderlust ATX website 😉 and will continue on with doing my fall purge (gotta let go, so I can create room for what’s to come!) and writing.

A little side bar, I am looking forward to inspiring some yogis in the area of writing. I have noticed, I have quite the knack for holding space for those wanting to write and it seems to be quite a fabulous adventure. Hopefully more to come on that 😉

well yogis! Thanks y’all 😉



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