Stepping into the fire!

Trust is a funny thing, you know?

sometimes, we step outside of our comfort zone, try something new, fail or succeed, at least we went forward. At the beginning of the year (or perhaps at the end of last, year, at this point I have no clue!!), I submitted a sequence for OM Yoga Magazine for post-natal yoga. At the time, they said yes and that it would be printed in their September issue.  It felt far away and like it never would happen (after all, that far out, they may find someone better, or so my doubt told me). Yesterday, I looked online and there I was in the September issue preview! I can’t tell you how excited I am,  1) to see it (and eventually hold it in my hands) and 2) that I trusted myself and had patience with the universe/god/life/whatever you want to call the higher power to come through.

If you are a yoga momma or a yoga momma to be, go pick up a copy of OM Yoga.  Here’s a link to the preview, if you just want a glimpse.

*happy dance* I can’t thank y’all enough or express how wonderful this yoga community is! y’all rock! 





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